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Welcome to #TDC69

Our most expansive competition yet.

With an industry-leading jury, a new Lettering discipline, and expanded categories, this is the best year to get your work seen! Winning work from #TDC69 will receive a certificate for Typographic Excellence, be published in the The World’s Best Typography compendium, showcased across TDC’s social media channels, and go on tour as part of eight global traveling exhibitions.

Important Dates

Early Bird Deadline: November 22, 2022
Regular Deadline: January 17, 2023
Final Deadline: March 3, 2023


There are two competitions you can enter! TDC69, to be judged with the rest of the entries by the current roster of judges, or Young Ones TDC. To check out the other competition and compare, please follow the link below.

What's New

Communication Design is now Typography

Previously divided into two competitions, one each for Communications Design and Typeface Design, the program is now a single competition under this year’s umbrella of TDC69, consisting of three disciplines: Type Design, Typography, and, for the first time, Lettering.

Categories: Typography, Lettering, and Type Design


Typography is for any creation that uses type, lettering, or written langauge—be it print design, digital design, immersive experiences, architecture, fashion, film titles, social media campaigns, or otherwise.


Lettering is for work where the letters are either modified or created—this could entail traditional or abstract calligraphy, tattoos, wordmarks and custom logotypes, or typefaces that are just a little too out there to be classic typeface design.

Type Design

Type Design is for entries showcasing the design of workable font software; this could mean single typefaces, type families, emoji or symbol fonts, or software for generating and creating type.

Global Script Experts

Expanding on our commitment to entries from around the world, TDC69 has native experts for most major writing systems, including Arabic, Cyrillic, Indic, CJK, Latin, Thai, and select African scripts.

Regional Entry Discounts

To make TDC69 as accessible as possible on a global level, the organization is offering significant regional discounts on entry fees. Approximately half of the world’s countries qualify for a 60% discount, and another quarter of them receive a 20% discount, with only the most economically prosperous countries and regions paying the full entry fee. Additional discounts are also available to TDC members and students. Find out about the regional discounts HERE, and about TDC membership HERE.

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